Closing has never been this easy..

Our guide to closing more deals this year

1. Set your goals. It’s impossible to meet goals if you don’t know exactly what they are. Write down what you want to achieve and commit to it and work on them every single day.

2. Analyze your customer base. Knowledge is power, and knowing your customer is one of the most powerful ways to sell more. What do you know about the people to whom you’re trying to sell? Make a list and develop a deeper view of your customers’ needs.

3. Decide how you’ll spend your time to maximize compensation. Improve your own productivity by blocking off time for important tasks like email follow-ups and face-to-face meetings. Consider creating a “don’t do” list to remove the less-productive crap from your schedule so you can focus on selling.

4. Reassess and refine your sales plan. Throughout the year, continue meeting with your line manager and team to see how your 2018 plan is working and how you need to adapt.

5. Lean on data to sell more. Before you start selling, update all lead and prospect data. Clean and fresh leads are key to your success, without them how are you supposed to build a strong new business pipeline? Contact – cd@leadiq.co.uk for how we can help.

6. Answer the important questions. Who are you targeting? How big is each territory? What’s the skill-set of your current sales team, and how can those skills match your potential customer base? Answering these questions will help you align resources with specific market objectives.

7. Aim for balance. Once you’ve analyzed your customer base and resources, create targets that set your sales team up for success. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to maximize their compensation plans. That will motivate everyone to achieve and maximize their sales goals.

8. Empower. As a manager, you don’t want to make decisions for your team — you want everyone to be part of the decision-making process. Define objectives together, collaborate, and be transparent about why you’re making those specific choices.

9. Assign with confidence. It’s time to assign resources to define territories and map the right sales reps to the right customers. You don’t want poorly planned assignment workflows to ruin all of your hard work so far. Make sure your assignment engine has the right rules, from roles to effective dates.

10. Refine when necessary. This might be the most important part of your new year plan. Territories and customer needs are always evolving, so your plan must be consistently reviewed and refined. Set reminders monthly or quarterly to ensure the best possible outcomes at the lowest selling costs.

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